Introductory Program

Welcome to the Introductory Program. This program is designed to provide the beginning student, an introduction to either the internal arts (Tai Chi), or external arts (Kung Fu).

  • The student will learn a warm up, that in addition to warming up, will provide a foundation to building up strength, focus and flexibility.
  • Basics and fundamentals of the art will also be learned by the beginning student.
  • Some time will be spent covering definitions, background of the art and the lineage ( previous generations of Masters who have devoted their lives to passing on the arts in our system).
  • There will be 2 classes per week of 1 hour each.

This Program will provide up to 1 year of instruction at the introductory pace to give beginning students enough time to decide whether they wish to transition into the Mastery Program.

This transition may also take place after 2-3 months, depending upon the students comfort level with the  material covered.