The Mastery Program

Welcome to the Mastery Program. This program is designed to provide a more in depth study of basics and fundamentals in the students chosen art. After the minimum 2 month period of the Introductory Program, the student is eligible to enroll into the Mastery Program.

  • Classes run for 1 hour and 20 minutes in the Mastery Program.
  • In addition to the daily warm ups, there will be added conditioning for the more rigorous Kung Fu program.
  • The student becomes eligible to participate in both Tai Chi and Kung Fu programs.
  • An additional class each week, with emphasis on other aspects of the arts such as Yoga, Meditation, Ba Gua, Hsing I, will become available.

In this program, the student will develop and learn the forms and techniques that are taught in our system, train with school brothers and sisters in the many aspects of the Martial Arts, developing strong relationships over time.