Meditation & Yoga


Popular in Asia for thousands of years, Yoga incorporates advanced stretching and strengthening postures that loosen the body and quiet the mind. Yoga is a complete system for training the body, mind and spirit through breathing exercises, meditation, contemplation and reflection, in addition to the stretching postures.

Yoga is extremely useful for martial artists, tai chi students or athletes who need to increase their flexibility and reduce the chances of injury.

Many athletes and martial artists who try Yoga discover that the real value goes beyond the physical training, to the mental and spiritual well-being that arise from yoga practice.

The Phoenix and Dragon’s Approach to Yoga

We teach the postures and methods that have been practiced for centuries in the Shaolin and Taoist traditions of China. Many of the techniques we teach can be traced to the 1,500-year-old Shaolin Temple, a haven where yoga, meditation and martial arts merged in the common quest for self-cultivation and enlightenment. Extremely rare to find such instruction in such close proximity to Matthews NC and Indian Trail yoga taught at The Phoenix and Dragon can help your mind, body, and spirit achieve balance.

As part of the Mastery Program at The Phoenix and Dragon, you will find:

  • A complete system of yoga, tai chi and meditation for mental, physical and spiritual development
  • Authentic Yoga practice – not just stretching exercises


The body, mind, and spirit are one. The knowledge of this truth is within each of us, obscured by the world of illusion. Meditation helps us see through this illusion.

The Phoenix and Dragon’s Approach to Meditation

There are many techniques and methods of meditation. At The Phoenix and Dragon, Ch’an (Zen) and Taoist meditations are taught. Our meditation classes do not teach or preach religion. Students can be quite comfortable in their own religious beliefs, and still learn to meditate.

The ancient sages taught us that the mind cannot relax unless the body is relaxed. That is why we recommend Yoga and/or Tai Chi to complement your sitting meditation.

As part of the Mastery program at The Phoenix and Dragon you will find:

  • Expert guidance in a peaceful, quiet setting.
  • Classes suited for beginners as well as advanced practitioners.
  • Intensive workshops and retreats to deepen your practice.
  • Highly motivated students to practice your training with.