Studying Tai Chi at The Phoenix and the Dragon has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Sifu David is an excellent instructor and assists every student during class. Tai Chi helps relieve stress, promotes better health and I feel rejuvenated after each class. Classes are fun and diversified. I highly recommend studying Tai Chi at The Phoenix and Dragon to everyone, especially Seniors.

Michael PetruzziRetired Health Executive

Studying Tai Chi at the Phoenix and Dragon has lived up to all my expectations. The workouts and meditation strengthen and relax my body, mind and spirit.

Peter O.

My first year as a student of the Phoenix and Dragon has been enjoyable and educational. It is an honor learning the techniques and practical applications of Tai Chi with Sifu David who’s an excellent teacher of the internal arts in a relaxing environment.

Susan O.

Practicing tai chi gives me a sense of well being. And the benefit of being proactive in improving my health. Sifu David Block has a deep and thorough knowledge of The Arts and offers excellent instruction.

Joyve Woodward

The Phoenix and Dragon a Traditional Chinese Martial Arts School, teaching Tai Chi for health, self defense, and strength. Sifu David Block is very compassionate, knowledgable, and motivational.

Scott WhiteStudent

I love doing Tai Chi at the Phoenix and Dragon Martial Arts School, It’s relaxing, helps with stress and is good exercise.

Kailyn McGavin

Sifu David Block offers a level of personal attention to the experience of studying Tai Chi that has opened my eyes to more than just learning an ancient martial art. His attention to detail has sensitized my own attention to details in my daily life as a priest, bringing tai chi to bear in profound ways on my awareness of the dynamics at play in my interactions with the people I serve.

Fr. Brad Smith